My10sfriends Academy, located in Boca Raton Fl, offers junior and adult tennis lessons for all ages and ability. Academy Director and Elite USPTA Professional Coach Eric will maximize your chances of achieving your tennis goals.


Practice any of the My10sFriends five F’s during your next tennis lesson.




Master the kick serve. Create easy power and heavy spin your modern forehand. Gain confidence in the volley grip as you close the net. Put away the ball with your overhead smash. Learning form is fun!


Get into an athletic stance with a low center of gravity when receiving opponent’s shots. Accelerate your racquet through the hitting zone with a fluid stroke. Find the sweet spot every time. Easy to understand coaching will allow you to develop modern strokes during your next tennis lesson.




Win matches with advanced strategy and tactics tennis lessons. Confidently close out points at the net and force opponents to hit riskier shots. Gain the upper hand on your competition by working smarter not harder!


Hit serves out wide that make opponent’s stretch and fetch.  Anticipate short balls and execute great timing with your split step. Finish the point with your modern forehand. Master your plays during your next tennis lesson.




Improve your strength, agility, and mobility during your tennis lesson. Prepare your body to do battle on the court with my10sfriends’ explosive training program. Use your strength and power to ace opponents.  Utilize your full athleticism on every shot.


Outlast your opponent by maintaining top form late in your match. Discover secret exercises the pros use to develop efficient and effective strokes. Achieve peak performance in your fitness.




Excel at handling challenges on the court and develop a strong mental game. Execute your game plan by starting each point with confidence and focus. Learn how to compete in the zone during your next tennis lesson. Relax and play your best tennis.




Have fun with your friends and opponents as you take part in exciting rallies and games. Improve your game with My10sFriends training tools and on-court tennis lessons.

Welcome Gift! Want a Serve that WINS Matches?

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15 Page Action Plan
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