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Best Return of Serve Tips That You Should Know

Best Return of Serve Tips The return of serve is the second most important shot in the game. Are you putting pressure on your opponent by consistently making returns? Are you winning matches by holding serve and breaking your opponent at critical moments?   Here are a few return of serve tips to get you […]

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How to Keep the Lead in a Tennis Match

How to Keep the Lead in a Tennis Match   You were up 5-0 and ready to close out the tennis match.  Your opponent started edging their way back one game at a time. Before you knew it, they were back in the match. How many times has this happened to you? The solution is: […]

Two - Handed Backhand

Two Handed Backhand

The Two-Handed Backhand   Maybe you’ve already got a good two-handed backhand. But is it great? Does the spin on your backhand force opponents to hit late?  Are you surprising opponents and winning points with your heavy down the line drive? Can you open up the court with your angle backhand and approach the net […]

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Master the Volley Grip

Master the Volley Grip Attack the Net with Confidence It’s 6-6 in the first set tiebreaker. You hit a heavy slice serve on the deuce court. Your opponent sends the ball back to the middle of the court. You attack their shot with an aggressive topspin forehand. The opponent barely gets to the ball and […]

Modern Forehand Drills

The modern forehand utilizes both the upper and lower body for power and control. How exactly does this work? Energy efficiently transfers from the ground up through your racquet. Your legs, hips, and glutes are the driving force behind explosive racquet speed — not your arms or how “hard” you swing. Get the ball to […]