One Liners for Quick Fixes in your Tennis Game

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Coach Eric’s Favorite One-Liners

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One liners for quick fixes in your tennis game. 


The party is at the net

Get to the party in doubles. Join the fun at the net. Even if your volleys aren’t great, maybe you’ll hit a winner that’s accidentally good!  You have a better chance of being able to hit down on the ball from a position that’s closer to the net. Everyone is waiting for you… Get to the party!!



When it’s low you go

When you hit the ball low to the opponent’s feet at the net, reward yourself. Move forward!

If the opponent pops up your shot you will be in a position to hit down into their court for a winner.


reaction speed of modern forehand


Get them stretching or fetching

Get your opponent unbalanced and take offense. Transition forward to take away the opponent’s time whenever you see them in a stretching or fetching position. Put the pressure on the opponent by forcing them to hit a good shot from an awkward position.


The ABC’s of Doubles


Follow your good shots AND your partner’s good shots to the net to take offense.  

Steal time away opponents time and gain confidence by striking overheads and high volleys down into the court.


When they attack, pop back

In doubles,

When the opponents are at the net and prepared to attack a high volley or overhead:

Pop back a step or two.

Give yourself more time to prepare for their next shot.

Remain balanced with a split step right before they strike their shot.

Work hard to get a racquet on the next shot to get back in the next point.

When you see their back, attack

If you have an opponent retrieving a shot by turning around backward, you’ve got them on the defense. Keep the pressure on them by closing into the net and force them to hit a great shot with their back to the net.  

When you see their back, attack!


Spin to Win

Hit with a spin for a higher margin of error. Use topspin and slice shots to throw variety at your opponents. Swing for the fences and use spin for optimal control. Prevent opponents from contacting the ball in their strike zone with heavy spin.  

Use spin to win more matches.


Grip it and rip it

Many players make the mistake of gripping their racquet too tight during their forehand swing. Hold the racquet with the majority of weight in your non-dominant hand while in the ready position.  As you prepare for a forehand, loosely grip the racquet with your hitting hand.

A loose grip will allow you to generate racquet head speed for spin and power.  

Hold the racquet at the tension that allows you to grip it and rip it.



Squeeze and Freeze

Squeeze pressure on the grip as you contact a volley.

This will give the sensation of the ball “popping off of the strings.”

Freeze your follow through. This will ensure a compact efficient stroke.

Return back into a ready position with a relaxed grip tension.

Squeeze and freeze for success at the net.  



Bend and Extend

For maximum effortless power, you must use the energy created from the ground up. Bend and get low with your legs.  Extend the hitting arm to ensure this energy goes towards the directed target. If you’re having trouble with your forehand swing, remember to bend and extend.


Before they hit, you split

As your opponent brings their racquet forward in a swing you must be prepared to split step. Split step with a low center of gravity and wide stance. Get off of your heels. Use this split step to make an explosive and balanced move in the direction of your opponent’s next shot. 



Load and Explode

Store energy in a coiled and loaded stance.

A properly loaded stance allows you to execute a repeatable efficient swing at the ball.

Power transfers from the ground up through your body and into the racquet.

This release of energy will send the ball exploding off of the strings.

tennis forehand swing


Develop a forehand weapon that wins matches!

Tennis Forehand Swing



Seek the Peak

Use aggressive footwork to contact a floating volley at a height that allows you to hit down into the court.

If a floating volley begins to descend from its peak you may have to hit UP on your next shot.

Take offense as you Seek the Peak on your volley. 

seek the peak


V for Volley grip 

Create a V with your hitting hand in line with the frame of the racquet to find the  volley grip. This grip allows you to hit volleys with underspin. The V for Volleys grip is used for both forehand and backhand volleys. 

find the volley grip


Busy feet steady hands

The best volleys are hit using great footwork. Use small adjustment steps as you receive the ball by properly aligning your body with the incoming shot. Keep busy feet and steady hands as you earn the title of the player with the great hands at the net!  

volley grip blog



Moving and Grooving

Fix inconsistencies in your game by finding a rhythm with your movement. The consistent movement will help you properly time your split step. A well-balanced split step will give you the best chance of reacting to difficult shots.  Stay moving and grooving in practices and matches.


Swing faster not harder

To increase power on your shot you need to swing faster not harder. Use the same facial expression when you hit a topspin lob or a powerful forehand winner. Your speed of swing is generated by the connection between the lower and upper half of the body.  Swing faster not harder to hit winners past your opponent.




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