Swing Resistance Coverfoundation modern forehandspin modern forehandconsistency in modern forehandpower in modern forehandeffortless spin and power modern forehandmodern forehandmodern forehandmodern forehandmodern forehandmodern forehand
Swing Resistance Cover
foundation modern forehand
spin modern forehand
consistency in modern forehand
power in modern forehand
effortless spin and power modern forehand
modern forehand
modern forehand
modern forehand
modern forehand
modern forehand

Modern Forehand Drills and Swing Resistance Cover

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  • Discover the secrets of the Tennis Forehand Swing
  • Hit heavy spin and power with My10sFriends video course and tennis racquet weight
  • Numerous easy to understand drills designed to take your forehand swing to the next level
  • Gain confidence in your game with as little as 4 minutes of practice per day
  • Train with my10sfriends tennis racquet weight to maximize leverage for effortless power
  • Get in the zone as you develop rhythm and consistency in your forehand swing
  • Hit more shots in the sweet spot of your racquet
  • Step by step tennis drills will have you saying, “why haven’t I tried this before”
  • Walk onto the court knowing you possess a forehand that dictates play
  • Win more matches with explosive forehand power and spin
  • learn key body and racquet positions of the tennis forehand swing 
  • Upgrade the mechanics of your old tennis forehand swing into a WEAPON.



  • Click buy now and create a password and enter email address/ physical address.
  • Video available to view immediately after purchase on my10sfriends website (wait 30 seconds after submitting payment information)
  • tennis racquet weight will be shipped to you. (Free Shipping) Make sure to fill out your correct address on the form.
  • Start practicing drills today and notice the difference when your my10sfriends tennis racquet weight arrives in the mail.

3 reviews for Modern Forehand Drills and Swing Resistance Cover

  1. Alex

    I play in a 4.5 USTA league and I’m always looking for ways to improve my forehand. I’ve been practicing the drills in this video for about 20 days and I’m feeling much more confident in my preparation and my weight transfer in my forehand. Eric makes the modern forehand easy to understand. Great video- Straight to the point!

  2. Sergio

    I bought the course because my forehand always gets taken apart by my competition
    I learned a lot from the video. I have improved my spin and consistency. The Swing Cover came in the mail within one week. I regularly incorporate the swing cover into my warmup for my matches.

  3. Ricardo (verified owner)

    One of the top forehand courses I’ve seen.
    As a coach I will use some of the drills in the video with my students.

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