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    Modern Forehand Drills and Swing Resistance Cover

    • Discover the secrets of the Tennis Forehand Swing
    • Hit heavy spin and power with My10sFriends video course and tennis racquet weight
    • Numerous easy to understand drills designed to take your forehand swing to the next level
    • Gain confidence in your game with as little as 4 minutes of practice per day
    • Train with my10sfriends tennis racquet weight to maximize leverage for effortless power
    • Get in the zone as you develop rhythm and consistency in your forehand swing
    • Hit more shots in the sweet spot of your racquet
    • Step by step tennis drills will have you saying, “why haven’t I tried this before”
    • Walk onto the court knowing you possess a forehand that dictates play
    • Win more matches with explosive forehand power and spin
    • learn key body and racquet positions of the tennis forehand swing 
    • Upgrade the mechanics of your old tennis forehand swing into a WEAPON.
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