Top 3 reasons Nadal beat Medvedev in US Open Final

Nadal 2019 US OPEN CHAMP


There aren’t enough ways to say that Nadal has been there and done it before. The 33 year old 2019 US OPEN champ just earned his 19th Grand Slam Singles Victory. He has 55 other ATP singles titles. He was ranked number one in the world men’s singles player for almost four years.

Nadal continues to play his best tennis at the biggest moments of his matches. He finds ways to keep a lead in his matches. 

23 year Medvedev has won a career 5 singles ATP titles. This US Open final was his first Major Final. He has the most singles wins of any player this year on the ATP tour but lacks experience in 5 set matches and late rounds of Major tournaments. This shouldn’t discount him from being a force on the ATP tour for years to come.

forehand power

Patterns of Play

Nadal’s variety of shots continues to give opponents a difficult time on a variety of surfaces. His spin serve and angled groundstrokes constantly drew Medvedev into the doubles alleys and even outside the court. His serve and volley play constantly caught Medvedev off guard. Nadal’s punishing forehand spin and relentless variety of attack and defend allow him to come out slightly ahead in the pivotal moments of the match.

Credit to Medvedev of doing an incredible job of coming up with great shot after great shot in pressure situations but Nadal was able win with slightly better margins. Medvedev will continue to be a force at the top of the ATP Tour. He has incredible elastic serve power, court coverage, and ability to take opponent’s off of their game with variety. Medvedev seemed surprised in a few moments in the match when Nadal hit back an amazing return of serve off of a blistering serve.

return of serve



It brings up the question: What is the prime age for a professional tennis player? At 10 years Medvedev’s senior Nadal only looked like the lost his legs for a few brief moments of the match. Power of the groundstrokes and serves come from the ground up. Many players will say that their ability for their legs to recover after every point directly affects how they move to every shot and recover back to receive the next ball. In 2011 Nadal was awarded Laures World Sportsman of the Year largely due to the constant athletic tenacity that he brings each and every time he steps on the court.


Congrats to both players for playing an amazing and entertaining US OPEN Final that will surely be a match to be remembered.

Nadal wins 7-5, 6-3, 5-7, 4-6, 6-4.

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